✲ Hello! I'm Ceri ✲

I’m a Facilitator and Mediator

about ceri

I spend my days supporting people and groups to venture into more transparent communication, to explore creative possibilities through conflict, and to find the unexpected purpose of why a conflict has emerged in the first place. At the same time, I support people to nurture a deeper kinder relationship with themselves.


I became a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication in 2017.  I practise a somatic form of Nonviolent Communication, drawing on the work of Sarah Peyton, which focuses on how resonant language can bring relief and clarity to distress and trauma. Over recent years, I have been apprenticing in other somatic modalities of Sound and Voicework, and Mindful Somatics ( with Staci Haines) to integrate a trauma-informed approach to conflict and groupwork.


Also in 2023, I became a Contemporary Interfaith Minister (OneSpirit) and I see my communication and conflict work as my ministry. I support people to rehumanise each other and become more of who they are by finding compassion, clarity, confidence and creativity.

Begin to do things differently

I provide communication support and mediate with people in various kinds of organisations, relationship structures and social settings.  I create spaces for conflict to be journeyed through and grief to be expressed. I also create conditions to understand implicit agreements made, inherited or imposed and the related thought and communication patterns these implicit arrangements bring, so that you can begin to do things differently.

Grounded and clear

My success is based on being as grounded, humble, clear, transparent, and as plain-speaking and low on jargon as possible.  I consistently show up to accompany people through challenging times.  

I am based in London and you’ll find me in the parks and cafes, often mulling on a conflict or collaboration dilemma.

What I love

I love olive trees, pine trees, lemons, rose and cacti which is why you will find them on these pages.