Level 1  

Nonviolent Communication

✲ Level 1 ✲

Nonviolent Communication

Level 1

Bite-size Intro to Nonviolent Communication

3 hours 

Discover and practice easy strategies that will transform the way you see things and listen to others and yourself. Most important of all, it’s fun!


Next opportunity with Ceri:

What people say:

"Amazing amount of ground covered in a very pleasurable way in a very short time. I feel it really helped to ground the theory inside me. I am very keen to continue studying and practicing too."

Level 1

Foundation Training in Nonviolent Communication

12 hours

✲ Immerse yourself in a toolbox of strategies that can bring about exciting, compassionate and lasting change in your relationships with others and yourself. We cover the core components and skills of NVC as well as the rationale and the ‘why’ NVC exists. This course might change your life!

Next Opportunity with Ceri begins 4th November 2024

What people say:

"I only ever attended one NVC workshop (the one with you), but it made a huge impression on me and I use my knowledge almost daily. There’s something about the way you lead the event, a sort of positive, hopeful, happy, colourful quality to everything that happened, that was really heart-warming for me and at the same time, I think it really brought the group together in a way that I’ve rarely seen before on a workshop like this."

✲ Learn about the next Level 2 ✲

Do you want ongoing opportunities to keep learning Nonviolent Communication in order to:

✲ Better communicate your boundaries

✲ Express your desires

✲ Tackle difficult conversations, 

✲ Help you to understand what is motivating people

✲ Find solutions that work better for everyone, without disconnecting from others

✲ Collaborate effectively

The NVC London trainers have developed a flexible way of learning and these are my sessions: