Level 2  

Nonviolent Communication

✲ Level 2 ✲

Nonviolent Communication

August 2024 TBC (in person)
Transforming Conflict

✲ In one day, you will:

  • feel more confident to communicate clearly in conflict situations 
  • practice ways of communicating without blame, shame or judgement
  • come away more resourced for tense situations 
  • come away with greater understanding and compassion for the systemic reasons why conflict happens.


July 20 and 21: 2-5pm (online)
Requests to Restore Flow

✲ Explore (almost) everything there is to know about:

  • Asking for what you need
  • Understanding what gets in the way of making requests
  • How to authentically respond to other people’s requests (and their demands!)

Nov 2 and 3: 2-5pm (online)

NVC to Support Difficult Conversations

around Power

✲ We will explore how to:

  • look after yourself and others in difficult conversations about power differences, 
  • increase somatic self-empathy
  • explore your own identity in relation to power 
  • become more resilient in situations where an aspect of power is playing out 

All this with a compassionate lens!

The Level 2 Intermediate Online Training Programme

Who’s it for?

Have you completed an NVC Foundation Training and feel inspired but a bit daunted by the challenge of making it part of your everyday life?

Would you like to become more competent and confident in your capacity to stay in NVC consciousness in a wide range of contexts and environments?

If so, this is for you.

What is it?

This programme consists of twelve trainings across the course of a year. Each is six hours long over one weekend a month. They are stand-alone, so you can attend as few or as many as you wish.

The programme repeats annually so you can join it at any point in the year and carry through until you’ve completed all twelve trainings. If you do this you will have a comprehensive understanding and practice of key NVC processes (e.g. saying no; transforming anger) and current topics (e.g. trauma; power and privilege).

This will help you resolve conflicts more easily and create deeper and more satisfying relationships in your life.

What people say:

“I completed my foundation training at the end of 2021 and, keen to maintain momentum since then, I’ve attended most of these intermediate training sessions. Without exception, the sessions have been brilliant. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the programme that Cath, Ceri, Tracy, Daren and Carolyn are providing. And, consequently, my NVC practice has seriously developed over this last year – at times with surprisingly amazing results. I wholeheartedly recommend the NVC London Level 2 Intermediate training programme – just what I needed to build on my foundation training.”
— Jo W
“All the trainings are excellent and they compliment each other very well, building a very beautiful tapestry of interwoven skills and concepts.”
— Anna E

Facilitated by 5 London-based
Certified Trainers

Cath Burke

Ceri buckmaster

Tracy Seed

Daren de witt

Carolyn davies

We are a collaborative group working together to offer you clear learning and progression options to suit you. 

We are committed to creating a supportive network for those learning, living and sharing NVC both in London and globally.

Many of our trainings are currently online.  We hope you will enjoy the richness of themes that this programme offers, along with the variety that comes from the individual perspective and specialism of each trainer.

Follow this link to discover the full range of our offerings or read on for more about the Level 2 Intermediate Online Training Programme.

Themes and 2024 Dates

May 18, 19  (May 18th: 9.30am – 11.30am & 1pm – 3pm. May 19th: 9.30am – 11.30am)

Embodying Saying No with Courage and Care: Responding to Requests and Demands

Jun 15 & 16: 9.30am – 1.15pm

Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs

July 20 & 21: 2-5pm 

Requests to Restore Flow

Aug 3 & 4: 9.30am -1pm

NVC and Anger

Sept 21 & 22: 9.30am – 1.15pm

Introduction to the Dyad Process

Oct 26 & 27: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Me, Myself & I: Embodying Self Empathy for our Inner Critic & Self Saboteur

Nov 16 & 17: 2-5pm

NVC to Support Difficult Conversations around Power

Dec 7 & 8: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Practical Tools for Embodying NVC Fluency