✲  Communication support in organisations 

Bespoke Communication and Conflict Support

✲ From low-trust to teams with increased capacity and well-being ✲

What kind of support would make the most difference in your organisation

1. Bespoke communication support (for your whole team)

Would it support flow if people had the skills and trust to name smaller disagreements sooner, for more effective collaboration?

Would it be a game-changer to enhance communication across power hierarchies?

Do you want to provide space to reflect on and update core processes within your team?

Would you like support to name obstacles in your team and to find openings for better outcomes?

Do you want to develop appreciation and acknowledgement as practices within your organisation?

Do you want to support your already well-functioning team with even more strategies for resilience, clarity and wellbeing in your work?

2.Conflict coaching (for one or more members of a team)

Do you need space to offload stressful or perplexing situations?

Would you like support to understand the causes of conflict?

Do you need frameworks for organising and communicating in alignment with your values?

Is it time to increase your communication  strategies for tackling difficult conversations?


See the Mediations page for more information.

3. Mediation support

Do you need bespoke support  to unravel recent events to process what has happened and to come together to hear other people’s perspectives and find togetherness to move forward?

See the Mediations page for more information.

4. Independent review of grievances

Do you need independent support  to investigate individual complaints within your service?

Do you need independent support to hear the perspectives of all parties, and then receive written recommendations for repair, learning and moving forward?

5. Away day team-building sessions

Is it time in your organisation to take your foot off the pedal and have some space for wellbeing and connection?

Would it benefit everyone to offer space for transparent communication?

Would it be productive to creatively explore team dynamics and recent events?

Are you interested in becoming more resilient through consolidating appreciation and acknowledgement as healthy practices within your organisation?