Complaints Policy

Ceri Buckmaster Complaints Policy
Last updated 31st March 2024

Purpose and Principles of this Policy

  • To support clear, respectful acknowledgement of your dissatisfaction with my services
  • To support fair, fast, timely and transparent movement through any complaints
  • ​To support a resolution process that is supportive of all parties.

About my process

I believe that feedback is essential for healthy relationships. When feedback isn’t given or heard, conflict, separation and disconnection happen. I also recognise that conflicts and/or misunderstandings do arise and when they do, these will be heard and investigated promptly. I am committed to nonviolent, non-punitive, compassionate, equitable and restorative approaches, practices and principles.

All requests to talk through conflicts/grievances will be treated with confidentiality, to the extent possible.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with any service you receive from me, including workshops, events and one to one sessions,

1.   Get some support 
Support is essential for feedback, please see if you have capacity to get some support from someone else who knows NVC to help you get clear about your needs.

2.   Contact me
Contact me with your complaint. (Or ask a friend or support person to contact me.)  Please let me know your complaint  by  email. Please put the word ‘Complaint’ in the subject header. 

​If necessary, we will have a conversation for me to hear your complaints and find a resolution of the issue.

After this conversation, I will respond to you by email with what I have learnt from this incident and what I will do differently next time.

If you are satisfied. this is the end of the process.

If at the end of this process, you are not satisfied with the outcome

3.   Contact a trainer or mediator of your choosing
Also if you do not feel comfortable talking directly to me about this, please contact a trainer or mediator of your choosing and I will pay the costs of up to 2 hours of their time towards mutual satisfaction.

Here are some options

NVC UK listed facilitators

Navigate facilitators

Open Edge facilitators